Our Past Projects
Our Past Projects


Environment One Grinder Pump Project

Located just outside Mars, PA is a picturesque community built around man-made Lake MacLeod.

Nestled into the hills outside of Mars, Lake MacLeod featured a valuable property. But it also presented a formidable challenge:
It couldn’t be sewered, so it couldn’t be built!
A number of developers tried to solve the problem. They considered gravity systems requiring multiple lift stations, septic systems, sand mounds, and on-lot systems.
ALL of these options were either cost prohibitive or did not meet regulatory approval.
One creative developer contacted Tepco and was willing to consider an E-1 Low Pressure Sewer System. The E-1 LPSS utilized small diameter pipe (buried shallow), eliminated multiple lift stations and manholes, minimized excavation damage, met regulatory approval and Reduced Development Costs Tremendously.
Low Pressure Sewer Technology solved the sewer problem at Lake MacLeod. Today a beautiful development surrounds Lake MacLeod.
The developer turned his problem into a unique solution.