Our Past Projects
Our Past Projects


Environment One Grinder Pump Project

A Low Pressure Sewer Success Story

Glade Springs Resort highlights how developers can profit by sewering properties with E/One Low Pressure Sewer Systems (LPSS).

Glade Springs Resort is a beautiful golf course community sculpted into the mountains outside of Beckley, WV.  Rolling hills and hard rock made the costs of deep gravity sewers prohibitive. 

Most of Glade Springs Village East and West would never have been built because sewer costs were too high! 

How did LPSS reduce the infrastructure costs at Glade Springs?

  • Utilized shallow, small diameter force mains.

  • Required shallow, not deep excavation — and Glade is all rock!!

  • Eliminated multiple manholes — No need for manholes in a LPSS when force mains change directions.

  • Eliminated multiple expensive lift stations.

  • Purchased & installed pump as homes were built — not upfront.

LPSS saves trees! LPSS force mains bend around trees…more trees are saved and Tree Removal Restrictions can be met!!

By using Environment One Grinder Pumps, Glade Springs minimized the installation impact on the mountains and trees, allowing guests to enjoy the true beauty of West Virginia’s wild life and nature!

Cabin in Glade Springs Village (Source: www.mountainhomessouthernstyle.com)
Land You Can't Sewer? With Lpss You Can!!
Golf Course at Glade Springs, WV (Source: www.gladesprings.com)