Going Green!

As we all know “Going Green” has become a status that companies want to emulate. Although TEPCO is a small company, we wanted to take a fews step toward this green effort. With that said, we might be small however our paper usage can seem overwhelming. Much of the paper used eventually ends up shredded and in the trash.
Casey Trombold, administrative assistant at Tepco, felt “Something had to be done, it was terrible seeing our shredded paper thrown out with the trash, and therefore ending its useful cycle. We wanted to take the effort to recycle our paper and continue its life cycle further. We decided to outsource our document shredding, in which our paper will be taken, shredded and recycled into other paper products. This is a good first step for Trombold Equipment to get involved in America”s green effort. I might be known as the ”paper police” now but its worth knowing that our paper is being put to good use!”